Levels of Dashboard Alerts

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Interaction design requires us to explore the subtleties of human perception. A must watch for digital dashboard designers and developers. This deadpan skit with BBC sitcom character Alan Partridge explores the hierarchy of alerts within a dashboard reporting system. Amusing as well as educational.

One point that really cracked me up. The woman in the passenger seat says “I must phone them” and that sets off a “no, no, that won’t be of any use” in reply. I just kept thinking about how we avoid calling the corporate help desk at all costs. Too funny.

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  1. When a Dashboard Goes Red

    December 12th, 2008 at 12:56 pm


    [...] We’ll address some of the principles behind the effective design of alerts, but first I’d like you to visit this post for a humorous look at the idea of the “heirarchy of alerts“. [...]

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